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Our "Disneymoon"

I cannot believe its already been 5 years since Zachary and I have been married! I decided to continue to that theme this week and write about the Disneymoon we did right after at Animal Kingdom Lodge with club level! Even though it was 5 years ago it left a long time impression! Things could've changed since but I am going to write about all the information I had. Club Level is at Deluxe resorts and what it means is you will have a special lounge where you get complimentary snacks, mini entrees, and beverages (including certain alcoholic drinks). You get your concierge team as well which can help you with many things. Also before your trip, you get a special email with an itinerary planning team that helps book all your activities and dining! It was so amazing and we felt so special!

So when we flew back to Florida, we decided to do the full Disney experience and take Disney's Magical Express there. As soon as we got off the bus, there was a Cast Member there who greeted us and took us to the elevators to get to the club level where we would officially check-in. All the Cast Members up there were so extraordinary. Their club level is located in the Jambo House on the fourth sixth (I believe) and overlooked the beautiful lobby. We spent so much time at this place because we loved it so much. The Cast Members up there also come to learn your first name which to me is amazing to remember everyone's faces and names! We felt like true VIPs already.

Now to the rooms, we had the Savanna King bed - club level access and it did not disappoint! There are many different types of rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge including different club level rooms, they all can be found here. All rooms are accessed by indoor corridors which are nice on those hot days. Our room was already ready at 10 am which was amazing since we had such an early flight. We were in awe when we opened our door to see our room. It was just perfect. I truly felt like we were not at Disney. This is what I love about Disney's themes, it truly transforms you into a different location. Our room of course had a king-size bed, couch, and a little sitting area. The balcony was our favorite part of the course. I loved being able to just sit out there and watch the animals, especially the giraffes (my fav!). Our first night during our turn-down service they gave us a congratulations bag with chocolate which was delicious! The bathroom was a perfect size and I loved that it had two sinks! Also of course just like the majority of Disney beds, this bed was extremely comfortable.

They did remodel since our stay, so if you want updated photos you can see them all here at the website.

The Club Level lounge was the best! This was one of our favorite hangouts! When you check-in you get a club level schedule with operating hours and when they have certain snacks and treats (see photo below of schedule items). You have a seating area, tv area that played Disney movies, and then the area with the food and beverages. The area isn't the biggest, but we never had any issues with seating wise. You do not get full meals but honestly, we snacked so much at times we didn't need to eat a full meal. During breakfast time they offered an assortment of pastries and bagels which was great! Throughout the day they also had different variety Also during dinner time they had samples of food from Jiko, which is a signature dining location located in the Lodge. They had some unique African cuisine that we tried. I cannot remember all the food we tried though but took lots of photos of them. My favorite item was the smoked cheddar, as silly as that sounds it was the BEST cheese I ever had. This place also brought me a love for hummus. Also mixing the sangria they had with the jungle juice was seriously the best creation! I always felt so welcomed when we went up there and as I said prior the Cast Members were always so sweet.

One of the days we did go to the Magic Kingdom, but the rest of the day we stayed and enjoyed the Resort. We also did eat at Boma which is a buffet location there. Animal Kingdom Lodge has so much to offer! The pool is a great place just to kick back and relax to cool down. Then in the lobby, there is a schedule of different complimentary plus paid-for activities they do in there. Near dusk, they have a fire-pit where they tell different stories and then a separate fire-pit where you can do S'mores which if you know me I love. At nighttime, they offer night vision goggles where you can view the animals at night, which was super unique and free! We loved also just going out to the savanna and just sit there and watch the animals. They have rocking chairs where you can sit, relax, and overlook the savanna. In the lobby, they also have a big fireplace where you can sit and enjoy. They also have many lounges to enjoy. They also do offer exclusive excursions that you can pay for as well which include day and nighttime safaris and even dining with an animal specialist! We did not do any of these sadly which I do regret.

Let's talk about food now! So our first night we decided to do Boma - Flavors of Africa for dinner. My favorite part was the unlimited Zebra Domes. What are those you ask? The best dessert ever. I can't even explain the taste other than its a dome full of fluffiness chocolate. The great news is if you don't go to Boma you can still get them at their quick service The Mara. Now back to Boma, to me, I wasn't a fan and I think mainly because even with dining at 8 pm it was still overly crowded. There was a sirloin there that was amazing, the line to get it? Not so much. I had to wait 10 minutes just to get the sirloin so I only got it once. The entire menu can be found here. I'm a super picky eater so I didn't eat too much off the menu and honestly ate more of the kid's area with mac and cheese and chicken nuggets haha. For me, it wasn't worth the money but I think I would be willing to try it again once it an reopen. Talking about their quick service location again of The Mara now. I adore this location and we honestly still go back just to eat there. They have such amazing items on their menu. They also have the resort refillable mugs too of course. Their current menus can be found here. Their Crispy Chicken sandwich is the best! We just ate there at the end of February because it's so good.

Animal Kingdom Lodge will now always hold that special place in my heart because of our honeymoon. Also, we did our maternity photos there too with Talia! So even if you aren't staying here I recommend visiting this beautiful Resort! It is the furthest Resort from everywhere (but the Animal Kingdom) but to me its the prettiest with great food! Also if you are between this Resort and another I highly recommend this one regardless of staying at the club level or not. Currently, the Jambo house hasn't opened back up, but I look forward to the day it does!

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