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Sail Cocoa Beach!

Ahoy there! With Earth Day around the corner, I've been looking for different ways to explore Florida's waterways more in an eco-friendly way. We had the opportunity to venture to Cocoa Beach and set sail on the Dolphin & Wildlife Watching Catamaran with Sail Cocoa Beach! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Be sure to read all the way to receive your special discount!

About an hour away from Orlando, it makes a perfect day trip or breaks from the theme parks when you want to do something different and unique—also being on the Space Coast, it's very close to Kennedy Space Center (maybe on a sailing you'll see a launch!), and the beaches itself. The drive for us was pretty simple and easy and was extremely easy to find the marina and follow the signs to where we meet the captains. It is recommended to arrive at least 20 minutes early but at the latest 5 minutes early. Here we met our two captains, Don and Jen - both extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Prior to sailing the kids were provided life vests that they were required to wear the entire sailing (6 and under are required). I appreciated the safety first, especially for younger kids. Then they went over the safety announcements and we were on our way. The kids were also able to help put the sail up once at a safe distance, and they loved being included in the sailing portion.

This sailing was a 2-hour wildlife tour in the Indian River Lagoon Estuary, which is a very diverse ecosystem. Of course, you are never guaranteed to see any specific wildlife as they are free to come and go. During our sailing, we were able to see bottlenose dolphins twice, a stingray, flying fish, and plenty of different birds plus all the diverse plants. Your captains help point out all wildlife to teach you about them in the area. We also found out that this area was a bull shark nursery! So you all know what I was looking out for, but did not see any as they stay closer to the coastline.

The Catamaran itself was super spacious and even had two restrooms onboard, which is extremely nice, especially with children. There was music playing the entire voyage that totally made you feel like vacation mode. The front of the catamaran had trampoline netting to relax on and a bean bag on each side so different parties could enjoy. Then you have the seating shaded area/dining area aft of the ship to escape the sun for a bit. Here they had coloring books and some activities for the kids to enjoy during the sailing. It was so easy to kick back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

A question you may as is what is included in your trip, and what should I bring I have you covered! They offer light snacks, an assortment of sodas, and water during your sailing. They also take your photos that will be sent to you later on in the day in your voyage, this was a nice option so you don't have to worry about taking photos. Or if you are usually the person behind the camera, it's a nice change to have photos of yourself. Now what should you bring? If you wanted to be additional snacks and drinks you are welcome too, they just ask for no glass bottles. Sunscreen is a MUST, but make sure it is reef-friendly sunscreen as you'll be in the water with most likely the sun beating on you. Also I recommend bringing a secured bag to keep all of your belongings in, especially the belongings that can easily fall out of pockets. Depending on which sailing you do or the weather, a jacket may be a good idea as well.

Besides the wildlife tour, Sail Coca Beach offers other options as well! They offer sunset cruises, private charters for those special occasions, pedal boat cruises and they have an ASA-certified sailing school. They also offer kids sail free with an adult ticket and other promotions for different occasions, so always keep your eye out for their specials. The best part is I have a GIFT for you all! When you use code ODIENFAMILY you'll receive a $5 discount on your tour!

This was a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day early by taking in all of Florida's natural beauty and wildlife that is so crucial to this area. You can really tell that Sail Cocoa Beach truly cares for these waterways and the wildlife and wants to protect them. I felt comfortable the entire time on the sail and I saw no concerns about the wildlife. Sail Cocoa Beach is a small business that deserves all the hype and attention. When you visit Cocoa Beach you MUST add this to your list! Be sure to reserve asap as spots can fill up quickly! Be sure to book here and don't forget to use code ODIENFAMILY!

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