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Life as a Marine Biology Student!

Hi all! I know it's been a hot minute since I wrote a blog. I have been so crazy about starting a new job, taking care of the kids, and my college work. I wanted to take the time to update you about how my journey in college is going as a full-time worker and mom.

When I selected Unity College, I picked it because it is strictly online and asynchronous courses. I started back in Feb of 2021 and it has been a journey. I have had many ups and downs with being back in school and that's perfectly okay. How do I manage all three you ask? I work during the weekdays, mom when I get home, and once the kids go to sleep I will focus on my school lectures and assignments. On weekends depending on the assignment I will try to get done earlier because all assignments are typically due Sunday night. Have I had some rough terms and times? Absolutely. But that comes with college life but I want to acknowledge it as I don't want everyone to think everything is perfect. There have been tears. Most of the time though, I have had such amazing professors. The professors (minus one I had) are so caring and genuinely there to help and make you succeed in the course. I have received so many encouraging words from many of them. Also I thought I was crazy to go back to school at the age 28 at the time but you know what it doesn’t matter what age you are! If you want to do something then you do it! Education has no age limitations!

While I always say I regret not doing this when I was freshly out of High School, I feel like now at age 30 I understand the effort better for school and show the determination to succeed more. Let's be real at age 18 does any of us really know what we want? Also, my favorite part now is sharing this journey with Talia and Jace. Both have shown extreme interest in sea life and the ocean. I love being able to educate them about things I am learning and teaching them all about sea life out there. I am able to share this deep connection and bond with them. I was able to dissect a fish last term (loved being able to do something hands-on) and both sat with me so curious about it, so it was a great learning point for fish anatomy for them too. Talia was even my photographer taking the photos I needed. I get to now use my social media platform and help educate others out there on how they can help. I know I cannot make much of a difference (yet) in the field, but knowing I am spreading ocean conversation makes me extremely happy.

Never ever tell yourself you cannot do something just because you have failed in the past. I am proud to say I have a 3.9 GPA currently and in my last class I received a final grade of 100%. I am beyond proud of myself knowing where I started back in middle/high school being lucky to get Cs in science. Now I am at the top. I keep pushing myself, and each time I start getting discouraged I look at my children and visit places like SeaWorld, SeaLife, Florida Aquarium or the Beach to remember why I am doing this and what my purpose is. I also read positive ocean conservation stories as I know I want to be apart of those. I also just want to thank my biggest support systems of my husband, mom, family, and friends for always encouraging me when I need it. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know it’s never impossible/ too late to work on your dreams! I will try to write more blogs in the future as well! Until next time.. adventure is out there!

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