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Jurassic Quest

Hi all! It's been a while since I wrote a blog, so I wanted to start again by telling everyone about our fantastic time at Jurassic Quest Orlando! Jurassic Quest is an interactive dinosaur event currently traveling all around North America. Within this event, you'll have the opportunity to stroll around dinosaurs, partake in prehistoric activities, and much more! Jurassic Quest so graciously hosted us for this event here in Orlando. Let's get started!

You will pick up your tickets or purchase them when you first enter. There are two options for kids, standard admission or kids unlimited admission. This option is the best option as it includes all the activities including dinosaur rides, fossil digs, bounce houses and so much more. There are also upgrades available if your child only wants to do a specific activity. The first thing you'll see is the gateway that takes you back in time to see realistic dinosaurs. I appreciate how they kept all the dinosaurs on how they are thought to look back then. While walking around there are signs to show what the dinosaur is and some facts. It's a great way to teach children about them all. Sensory-wise, it could be loud in there with dinosaurs making noise, so I would recommend bringing headphones for those sensitive to sound. After learning all about dinosaurs, we ventured into the ancient oceans exhibit. Now it was my time to nerd out with my love of the oceans, this section included an enormous turtle and a 50-foot megalodon! This section fascinated me as it's so amazing to see how evolution is and how certain sea animals looked millions of years ago vs. to the common day relatives of them.

Once you view all the dinosaurs, we had the opportunity to see real or cast from real fossils which included, bones, skulls, teeth, claws, and nests to name a few! As a history buff, I loved seeing these fossils. This spot is more for us adults and older children as they cannot be touched so some younger kids may not find this as enjoyable. However, right after the kids were able to meet a baby dinosaur which they absolutely adored!

Now it probably depends on each location, but here in Orlando, it was scattered outside and in different buildings on the fairgrounds. Outside included even more dinosaurs and little photo ops for the kids. These were some of your larger dinosaurs including a T-Rex! There were food and beverage vendors for additional purchases for anyone who wanted anything. That was pretty convenient, especially on a warmer day like today. We opted not to get anything but there was a good assortment of offerings! What I enjoyed was with it was spaced out, if Jace became overstimulated, there was a lot of quiet space outside for us to step aside. I cannot say the same for other locations, but you can always check with the venue prior to see if they offer quiet locations or sensory rooms.

The next area is where all the fun happened with having the kids unlimited admission! This area had FIVE different dinosaurs that you could ride on and that seemed to be the winner for Jace. He rode 3 out of the 5, only reason we didn't get the other 2 was due to the lines. There was also a little toddler area for 3 and under to enjoy. There were numerous bounce houses/activities there - for this socks are required, so I highly recommend either having them wear socks or bringing some. We, unfortunately, did not so the kids could not use these. They also had 4 fossil dig stations to discover dinosaur bones through the sand with brushes. This area we spent the most time in due to Jace wanting to ride all the dinosaurs, and seeing his face made it all worthwhile.

Not only did they have this area, but in a different building, there was an option to ride a walking dinosaur, little cars for toddlers to drive, and crafts. We opted to watch the Utah raptor show/interaction than riding the dinosaurs. The raptor interaction was super fun for all ages to learn about the Utah raptor Diego and then at the end, he walked around to be touched and took photos. This was another win for the kids. I will say sensory-wise - there is a little bit of fog machine that they use and loud noises. For Jace, fog usually bothers him, but I think the excitement of the raptor coming helped him be preoccupied with that. I will say that at the end many piled in to get the opportunity to touch and take a photo. We attempted right away but was a little tough, so we stayed until the end to have a quiet opportunity to have a priceless interaction. Diego LOVED Jace's dinosaur shirt. There was also a gift shop available with merchandise, dinosaur balloons, toys, etc.

Overall, if you have anyone who absolutely adores dinosaurs I highly recommend this event! Seeing my children's faces today just made it worth everything. We were there for about 2 hours and did everything that we wanted to, if Jace had his way though it would be longer. Parking was complimentary at our location, but it depends on each location. The great news is that there are many cities and dates available from now up to May of 2023! This would be a perfect Holiday gift for those parents who love gifting experiences with gifts! You can purchase your tickets and find out more information here. Until next time!

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