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Is Akershus Royal Banquet Hall worth the money?

Back in March of 2019, we decided to try out Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for breakfast to celebrate Talia and Ari's 2nd birthdays. Talia was (well still is) obsessed with princesses so we thought this would be the best spot since Cinderella's Royal Table is very pricey and hard to get. Here is my honest review of Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. This location is table service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Epcot in the Norway Pavilion. The first thing is to be ready to stand outside while waiting to get in to be seated, it does take a little longer vs other restaurants I've experienced. The ambiance of the place is great! I love the theme of this place, it was truly regal and you felt like you were transformed into a different location. There was also background music that just sounded like royal music.

****Please be aware that Akershus is currently closed still and right now being used as a resting station. If you want to just see the ambiance of the place you can enter it at anytime now currently. There is no reopen date yet or unknown how their character interactions will be once it does.***

Let's break it down. First I want to talk about the character interactions, the main reason we decided on this location. This is a great place to meet the majority of the princesses all at once with no line wait times. Just an FYI Anna and Elsa do not visit this spot. The princesses are also subject to change so you may see someone different when you are there vs what they have listed on the website. When you first walk in though you will visit with Belle in her beautiful ballgown. There is usually a photopass with her as well as she welcomes you there. Talia is obsessed with Belle so she was so excited to see her in her yellow dress (she wore hers as well). I felt a tad rushed with meeting Belle honestly because since she meets in the front she can't spend as much time with you vs at her normal meet and greet spot in France or how the other princesses do when they visit your table. According to the website, the princesses who typically come to Akershus are Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, and Ariel. When we were there Ariel wasn't available so Mulan was visiting instead. Every single princess who visited us were amazing! They took the time with both the girls and Jace who was only 6 months at the time. Every so often they also had a princess parade around the dining room with any child who wanted to join. It was super sweet. Since it was their birthdays, both Talia and Ari received a signed birthday card and a cupcake which made it special for them.

Now let's talk about food! So I am a huge Disney foodie and was excited to try the food here! Honestly, I was not impressed. Currently, the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Breakfast is $53.00 for adults and $34.00 for children. Lunch and dinner are even more currently at $63 for adults and $41 for children. So this is a pretty price tag. The breakfast is a family-style with the hot foods and then they had a buffet with cold food and pastries. For the price we paid, I did expect more and better quality. They of course had your Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, cheesy potatoes (my fav!), bacon, and sausage. I did probably eat more cheesy potatoes than I'll care to admit. The hot food was more room temp than hot honestly for our first portion. When we asked for more the second was warmer. The buffet had the Mickey waffles there then a wide variety of different items. The most updated menu can be found here. Again it was nothing super exciting, especially with the price tag. You are honestly paying for the princess interactions vs the food though and we did go in knowing that because that was the main reason.

Was is a cute place with GREAT Princess interactions? Yes. Was it worth the price of food? Not at all. Again we knew this going in that we were mainly paying for the princesses so if you are okay with this then I recommend. If you can't get a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table but want something special with Princesses then I would recommend. Just remember that you will be paying for the princesses, not the food. To me, I am not sure if I would pay this price tag again. I would rather stand in line and wait to meet that princess. I have not experienced the lunch or dinner but those price tags are also high so I would be unsure if we would do that either. Here are some other options though that have princesses. If you love Cinderella I suggest 1900 Park Fare for dinner at the Grand Floridian. This location has Cinderella, Prince Charming, Evil Step Mom, and evil stepsisters which is super fun! Also, Trattoria al Forno for breakfast at the Boardwalk Resort is a great place for princesses and rare prince sightings! They have Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, Ariel, and Prince Eric! That is another fun spot. I have done both and they are great! Personally, the next Princess place we will be doing will be Cinderella's Table eventually!

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