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Dive into the World of Sharks with SeaWorld Orlando's Ultimate Shark Experience!

Sharks are crucial to our world and it's so important for all of us to understand them and to protect them. Sharks are older than dinosaurs and survived mass extinctions only for humans to be their downfall. SeaWorld Orlando has been known for their conservation and education for sharks and because of this, they released a brand new experience between now and July 28th. This is all about the Ultimate Shark Experience and we had the opportunity to experience this. The price is $199 + tax and service fees, this also includes park admission, and if you are a pass holder then it is $99 + tax and service fees. With everything that I'll be including let me tell you, it's 100% worth it! What I love the most is $25 for every ticket purchased goes directly back into shark conservation! Now let's dive in!

In addition to park admission, the Ultimate Shark Experience includes a satisfying meal (one entree & one nonalcoholic beverage) from various quick service locations. Our family

chose Voyagers as my kids absolutely adore their mac & cheese. Enjoy a complimentary cocktail (for those over 21) or mocktail at any SeaWorld Bar. At the Bar at Sharks Underwater Grill, I opted for a mocktail version of their delightful Tropical Turtle Hurricane, usually made with two types of rum, pineapple juice, passion fruit, and mango puree. I asked for the rum to be replaced with Sprite, resulting in a refreshingly enjoyable mocktail that I highly recommend. Soda is also available as an alternative mocktail choice.

Staying true to the shark theme, you'll also get a quick queue pass to ride Mako, one of my

personal favorite coasters at SeaWorld – a thrilling experience I was eagerly looking forward to! This roller coaster offers a smooth ride that guarantees an exhilarating rush of excitement. As an added delight, you'll receive a shark-themed gift at Fins Gifts. During our visit, the options included a shark plush, shark hat, or shark picture frame, and we chose the hats and shark plush. It's worth noting that the gift selection is subject to change.

Now, let's dive into the exhilarating hands-on experiences with the sharks! As part of the Ultimate Shark Experience, you'll receive a complimentary feeding tray to interact with the sharks outside the Sharks Underwater Grill. Feel free to redeem this opportunity at any

time during the day when it's available. With a tray of small fishes, you can watch in awe as the sharks and rays eagerly devour their meal. To ensure proper hygiene, convenient hand washing stations with soap are provided after touching the fish. I highly recommend using eco-friendly scented hand sanitizer as well, as the fishy smell might linger. The next two tours are combined and scheduled between 2-5 pm. Head to the check-in table outside Fins Gifts, where you'll present your vouchers for verification. Depending on the number of participants, you might be given a specific time to return. In our case, we checked in at 2 pm and were told to come back at 3 pm. This allowed us to make the most of our time without waiting in lines, enabling us to enjoy the shark feeding while I also had the chance to ride Mako.

My favorite part of the day was the tours, which included an aquarium tour and a shark touch tour. Our guide, Sandi, was simply amazing, resourceful, and patient. The first part took us above the shark encounter aquarium, where we had a fascinating conversation with one of the aquarists, learning all about the resident sharks and fishes. Dutch and Dillon, the great hammerheads, became my personal favorites. Sandi answered all our

questions, giving us valuable insights into the importance of sharks in ecosystems and how we can support them. We even got to see the medic pool and the iconic stairs from the filming of Jaws 3, which was pretty cool. The highlight was the chance to touch certain shark species like epaulette sharks, bamboo sharks, catsharks, and nurse sharks. Although they were small, this intimate encounter proved that sharks aren't as scary as they're often portrayed. It was a private and relaxing experience, and Sandi's guidance on the significance of sharks and the threats they face was eye-opening. Notably, there was no pressure to touch a shark – observing them up close was just as fascinating. Jace, my young shark enthusiast, was a little nervous but ended up touching one briefly, while Talia couldn't get enough of the experience. I can't recommend this part of the tour enough; it was truly the best! The great news is that this segment, known as the Sharks up-close tour, is available year-round, as well as visiting the Shark Encounter aquarium so if you miss the Ultimate Shark Experience, you can still enjoy similar opportunities to get close to these magnificent creatures.

I also want to briefly speak on how to redeem this experience. The first step when you get to the park is to visit the self-service kiosks to print out the vouchers for the merchandise, feeding trays, and tours. Your tickets will be used for your meal, cocktail, and quick queue. If you have any issues, you can visit guest services.

In conclusion, the Ultimate Shark Experience at SeaWorld is an unparalleled adventure that educates, excites, and leaves a lasting impact. The price for everything included in this

package is an absolute steal, and the experience becomes even more rewarding as a portion of every ticket goes directly toward shark conservation efforts. So, don't hesitate to book your spot today, as this extraordinary encounter is not to be missed! Join us in safeguarding the future of these incredible ocean guardians.

Thank you, SeaWorld for having us!

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